About Us

The company behind SEO Ultimate, SEO Design Solutions, Inc. is an SEO agency started in 2006 by a passionate inventor (Jeffrey Smith) who got his start in the mid 90’s and learned SEO out of necessity for his first startup (which is now a prominent global product development firm).

Later, Jeffrey was able to leverage his expertise and create an SEO agency which catered to some of the largest brands online providing SEO and consulting services.

Along the way, striving for repeatability and consistency the company created their own toolbox based on the challenges they experienced for fulfilling on page optimization and design.

Hence, what is now known as SEO Ultimate and the SEO Design Framework were born. These were the very same tools used by their internal teams used to rank clients in competitive online markets.

These aren’t just plugins or themes, they are tools built with passion and love (built from the ground up) and developed over years and battle-tested in competitive markets for optimal results.

Now, you can have access to the very same software, SEO training and strategies we’ve used to increase rankings revenue and reach for your business. Get started today, upgrade now to SEO Ultimate+.

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