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Q: What Is The Refund Policy?

A: No problem, you’re protected by our 30-Day – No-Questions-Asked – Refund policy for all products.

Q: Can I Keep Using the FREE Version of SEO Ultimate?

A: Yes you could, however it is not advisable, as we will not be providing support, updates or downloads for the FREE version after January 1st, 2017. So, to ensure that you are using the latest secure version, we suggest you upgrade to the premium / PRO version to get future updates and support.

Q: What Kind of Support Do I Receive with This Plugin?

A: With the Premium Version, if you have any questions or need technical support, you’ll have dedicated one-on-one email support to resolve the issue quickly and conveniently.

Q: Will My Current SEO Settings Be Saved?

A: Yes! If you are using the FREE version and you upgrade, all of your legacy settings will be imported automatically into SEO Ultimate+!

Q: Can I Import SEO Settings from Other SEO Plugins and Themes?

A: Yes! You can import settings from plugins like Yoast, All in One SEO Pack and others as well as themes like Genesis, Headway and more.

Q: Do I Have to Renew My Site Licenses Yearly?

A: No! Updates are included, however, in order to get access to support, we suggest you renew annually. However, for unlimited licenses there is a mandatory renewal to keep the licenses active.

Q: Has SEO Ultimate+ Been Tested with the Latest Version of WordPress?

A: Yes! The Premium Version has been tested and works perfectly with the latest version of WordPress. We update SEO Ultimate+ regularly with new features and bugfixes.