Use this Simple SEO Feature to Prevent Duplicate Content

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If you ever wanted to know how to prevent duplicate content in your website. In the video below, we’ll show you 4 powerful SEO tweaks you can implement with ease using the SEO Ultimate WordPress SEO Plugin   You’ll learn: How to consolidate ranking factor with canonical URLs How to implement canonical URLs and content Read More

What are Rich Snippets and Why Should You Use Them?

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For the longest time, SEO was all about getting the highest possible ranking on search engine results pages or SERPs because it is the best way to boost click-through rates or CTRs – which is only natural, considering how short the attention span of people online is. Nobody really has the patience to browse through Read More

Choosing and Using the Right SEO Plugin

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Why do I need plugins? WordPress may have a reputation for being SEO-friendly but that does not necessarily mean that it is optimized for maximum SEO effectiveness out of the box. In fact, it may be more due to the fact that it has built-in SEO functionality that allows users to perform some basic optimization Read More

Three Extremely Useful Things You Can Do with WordPress SEO Plugins

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Three Extremely Useful Things You Can Do with WordPress SEO Plugins   A powerful plugin like SEO Ultimate+ allows you to do more than just play around with links and meta keywords. It provides agency-level SEO functionality specifically designed to help you effectively drive maximum traffic to your WordPress site or blog.   Let’s take Read More

What’s the Best SEO Plugin for WordPress?

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What’s the Best SEO Plugin for WordPress?   The sheer number of SEO plugins available for your WordPress site may appear overwhelming at first, especially if you’re new to SEO. But there’s no need to worry. We’ll show you everything you need to know about choosing the right plugin so you can start ranking high Read More

The Power of the SEO Plugin

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The Power of the SEO Plugin: WordPress Sites That Rank Back in the day, web development entailed some serious hard work because everything had to be written in code. In contrast, SEO was extremely easy because all it took to rank high on Google and Yahoo! search was to fill your website or blog with Read More

Successful SEO – Choosing the Perfect WordPress SEO Plugin

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Successful SEO: Choosing the Perfect WordPress SEO Plugin  Running a website or blog is just like running a physical store: its success is highly dependent on the number of people that comes through the door. However, unlike, physical stores that you can build on high-traffic locations to maximize exposure, websites exist in the cloud, so Read More

WordPress SEO Plugin

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Better SEO: WordPress Plugin That Boost Site Traffic When it comes to doing SEO, you can either write all the codes yourself and make a continuous effort to keep yourself up to date on the ever-changing rules, requirements and standards of Google and other search engines or just have a plugin do all the work Read More

Best WordPress SEO Plugin

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Ease-of-use and Functionality: Keys to Finding the Best WordPress SEO Plugin If you’re tired of seeing your competition get the top spot on Google, Yahoo, Bing and any other popular search engine, then you’ll need to come up with and launch a solid SEO strategy fast. Unfortunately, if you’re a complete beginner when it comes Read More