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In today’s time, SEO is not the only thing that matters. Digital marketing plays a very important role along with Search Engine Optimization. SEO provides the much-needed platform whereas digital marketing can help in attaining reach. In the following article By Gianluca Fiorelli talks about SEO and Digital trends to keep in mind for the year 2017.

SEO and Digital Trends in 2017

The main purpose of this post is to offer ideas and open a constructive discussion around the future of SEO and digital marketing over the next 12 months. It was an intense year, especially when it came to SEO and Google in particular. Because I’m deeply convinced that we cannot attempt any preview of the future without considering what happened in the past, I invite you to look back at the events that have marked the evolution of Google in the past 10 months.

It is important to note that, contrary to more classic Google timelines, I prefer to see all Google-related events in the same place. I believe it’s the only way we can escape from a too-narrow vision of where Google is headed. Click here to read more…


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Check out the video below from Search Engine Land.

What Is Search Engine Optimization / SEO

Don’t know what search engine optimization is? Know someone who needs easy to understand overview of SEO? That’s what this video provides, in three minutes. Do provide your inputs on the Youtube Channel.

However, it is not possible to implement an elaborate optimization strategy without a good CMS as a base. WordPress which was started as a blogging platform in 2003 has come up a long way. It is one of the preferred choice business. WordPress SEO is far more simple compared to SEO on other platforms. In the following article, Albert Costill discusses big brands using WordPress as a platform.

What Makes WordPress the Best Platform for SEO?

What started out as a simple blogging tool has become arguably the leading content management system in the world.

In fact, WordPress is now used by 23.8% of all websites in the world.

Sites powered by WordPress include brands ranging from NASA, CNN, Forbes, The New York Times, TechCrunch, IZOD, Best Buy, GM, eBay, and even Jay Z’s, to name just a few. Even Google’s Matt Cutts is a fan of WordPress, calling it “a fantastic piece of software.” You can read the full article here…