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The Power of the SEO Plugin: WordPress Sites That Rank

Back in the day, web development entailed some serious hard work because everything had to be written in code. In contrast, SEO was extremely easy because all it took to rank high on Google and Yahoo! search was to fill your website or blog with repetitive keywords. They didn’t even have to be visible or a part of the actual content; they just had to be there – many, many times.


The advent of WordPress and more sophisticated search engines


Platforms like WordPress made web development so easy that even complete beginners can build a website in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for SEO. In fact, it has become so much more challenging now because search engines started crawling websites looking at more than just meta keywords to better determine how relevant your content actually is to the user.

Long story short, it’s no longer enough to just build an amazing site, you’ll now need to come up with a strong strategy to get people to come, which can be a daunting task if you have zero SEO experience.


WordPress SEO plugins to the rescue

The good news is that you can now use tools specifically designed to help you accomplish complex SEO tasks even if your knowledge of the subject is still limited to working with keywords.

Take SEO Ultimate+, for example. It’s completely beginner-friendly in that it’s pretty much point-and-click through and through, but it comes packed with pro-level features that allow you to implement advanced techniques like:

  • Add and manage rich snippets
  • Control how your pages and posts appear when shared on social media
  • Effectively categorize your content using silos
  • Mass edit links
  • Keep settings optimized for maximum search engine friendliness
  • Monitor and fix broken URLs


It also comes with comprehensive video tutorials and excellent customer support to ensure that you’ll be able to maximize all its features.

Harness the power of SEO plugins and start driving quality traffic to your WordPress website or blog today!

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