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What’s the Best SEO Plugin for WordPress?


The sheer number of SEO plugins available for your WordPress site may appear overwhelming at first, especially if you’re new to SEO. But there’s no need to worry. We’ll show you everything you need to know about choosing the right plugin so you can start ranking high on search engine results pages (or SERPs) and driving quality traffic to your website or blog.


How much SEO experience do you have?


Different SEO plugins require different skill levels. For instance, SEO Ultimate+ is more beginner-friendly than other alternatives. It’s pretty much the WordPress of SEO plugins in that it allows you to perform a whole lot of advanced SEO tasks – like Open Graph integration, siloing and slug optimization – without writing a single line of code. It is designed to make both getting maximum exposure for your content and link and driving as many people as possible to your site super easy. And it also comes with excellent after-sales support and comprehensive training videos to help you make the most out of all the features at your disposal.


Keep in mind that even if you get the most advanced plugin you can find, if you don’t have the necessary know-how to make it work, then it would all be for nothing.


What kind of functionality do you need?

Of course, as with pretty much anything, “best” is a relative term. So, to answer the title of this post: it ultimately depends on what you want to achieve. Are you looking to implement highly complex SEO functions to not only rank high on Google search, but also stand out from all the other results on the first page and maybe even on social media as well? Or do you just need something to help you organize your links, meta keywords and posts? At the end of the day, the best plugin is the one that enables you to accomplish exactly what you want.


How much are you willing to spend?


Another major consideration is your budget. While there are a lot of free WordPress SEO plugins available online, some of the more powerful ones come at a price. The total cost varies from product to product, however, so you’ll have to do some comparing and a little bit of cost-benefit analysis to figure out which one would give you the best value for your money.


The bottom line is that you shouldn’t let the number of SEO plugin options scare you. Having more to choose from is always a good thing, especially when you know exactly what to look for.


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