Better SEO: WordPress Plugin That Boost Site Traffic

When it comes to doing SEO, you can either write all the codes yourself and make a continuous effort to keep yourself up to date on the ever-changing rules, requirements and standards of Google and other search engines or just have a plugin do all the work for you.

Of course, the first option is good enough if you do SEO for a living. For anyone who does anything else, however, the second one is a much better choice.


So, what plugins should I use?

There’s a myriad of WordPress SEO tools to choose from. Some excel at doing specific tasks like doing search analytics or boosting the social media friendliness of your website or blog; others provide more of an all-in-one solution.

Between the two, the latter is a more promising option, especially if you don’t have the time to find and then keep switching between different tools to accomplish different tasks.


Going for an all-in-one solution

SEO Ultimate+ gives you everything you need to come up with and then implement a solid SEO strategy. From managing meta keywords and links, all the way to keeping your settings optimized for maximum search engine friendliness and boosting your social media presence, all its features are specifically handpicked to help you effectively drive quality traffic to your site. You can view the full feature list here.

It also complies with all the latest web and search standards and integrates seamlessly with other essential tools like Open Graph, which gives you full control over how your posts and other content look when people share them on social media.

But the best thing about it is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re new or a seasoned SEO professional, its unparalleled usability, coupled with all the video tutorials at your disposal, will ensure that you’ll be able to maximize all its powerful features regardless of your skill level.


Great value for money

Now, how much do you think this feature-packed plugin costs? Well, while other similar pro-level products cost several hundreds of Dollars, you’ll be happy to know that you can get SEO Ultimate+ for as little as $49 for a single site.

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