Your Search for the Best SEO Plugins for WordPress May Have Just Ended

In WordPress, SEO plugins may very well be just as important as the design templates themselves because a stunning layout is rarely enough to attract visitors. In fact, very few people will get to see it if you don’t get the word out about your site or blog through effective search engine optimization in the first place.


But SEO has become so much more than just about topping search results

The game has changed dramatically with the advent of rich snippets. Now, instead of just shooting for the top spot on Google and other popular search engines, you’ll also have to compete with other results in terms of how informative and useful the content under your link is. Everyone is displaying things like reviews and ratings, product pricing and availability, post previews and video thumbnails instead of more traditional link descriptions directly on results pages.

Long story short, the end goal is to land at the top spot and then use rich snippets to convince the user that you are indeed the most relevant result.


Enter: SEO Ultimate+

This is where our SEO plugin comes in. It provides agency-level SEO functionality designed to help you not only manage meta keywords and links, but also do more advanced things like:

  • Have full control over how your posts and content look when shared on social media, thanks to its seamless integration with Open Graph
  • Keep your settings search engine-friendly at all times
  • Boost in-URL keyword effectiveness by automatically removing filler words using the slug optimizer tool
  • Easily squeeze in custom SEO-boosting HTML into your website’s code with the code inserter
  • Build silos to categorize your content into more SEO-friendly groups

With SEO Ultimate+, not only will you rank high on search engine results pages, you’ll also build a strong social media presence, effectively driving high quality traffic to your website or blog.


Is it really the best?

Well, the term “best” is tricky because it depends on a lot of factors. But one thing’s for sure: SEO Ultimate+ brings a hard-to-beat value-for-money to the table at only $49 for a single website. That’s $49 for pro-level functionality that could easily cost hundreds more.


Drop us a line today to learn how you can take your online presence to a whole new level!