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The Modern SEO Landscape

SEO used to be all about getting the number one spot in the SERPs of top search engines like Google and Yahoo!, and all you had to do back then was stuff your site or blog with keywords that didn’t even have to be related to whatever page or post you were adding them to.

SEO Ultimate WordPress SEO Plugin OpenGraph+ Module

Of course, getting the number one spot (or at least getting on the first page) of SERPs is just as important today as it was back then, but the means to do so has changed dramatically. Search engines are now so much smarter that you need to actually produce quality content and develop a sound SEO strategy to see real results.

But that’s not all that has changed over the years. The popularity of various social media platforms has also had a significant impact on the SEO of today.

Why social media matters


Your network on your favorite social media platform is (mostly) made up of people you actually know and trust. This means that there’s a big chance that you’ll click on the things that they share – even if you are not really actively searching for anything.

Long story short, the more people share your content, the more clicks (and hopefully re-shares) you get. This, in turn, boosts your website’s or blog’s popularity and ultimately helps you rank high on SERPs – all without having to wait for people to stumble upon you while searching for something using keywords that are related to whatever it is you are selling.


Enter: Open Graph


But, again, it all starts with the creation of quality content. After all, if what you have is not share-worthy, then there’s very little chance that it’ll go viral (or at least get a big enough following) on social media. But once you have something worthwhile, you need to make sure that it looks appealing enough when people share it – and this is where Open Graph comes in.

Simply put, SEO Ultimate’s Open Graph+ module gives you full control over how your website or posts look when shared on various social media platforms. It allows you to use eye-catching images, write powerful headlines and craft compelling body copy to further up your chances of getting clicks and re-shares.


The bottom line


Modern day SEO is no longer limited to just playing with keywords and focusing solely on search engines. You need a WordPress SEO plugin that can also help you tap the power of social media and use it to help you conquer the top SERPs.