SEO Ultimate+ [Advanced SEO] Video Training Series

How to Find and Fix Broken Links with the 404 Monitor
In This Video You’ll Learn How to Identify and Fix Broken Links using SEO Ultimate’s 404 Monitor.

In this video we show you how to identify and fix broken links which can negatively impact your rankings using the SEO Ultimate 404 Monitor.

The 404 Monitor logs broken links and also alerts you to when search engine spiders are actively looking for page that has been moved. It also logs all the queries that may be considered junk, like trackback spam, failed exploits and robot generated queries.

Once broken links are found, you can either correct it yourself, or there is a a simple redirection plugin listed below that will help you point to the appropriate page or directory.

With the idea of conserving resources, the 404 Monitor in SEO Ultimate was developed to allow the webmaster to limit recording 404’s to:

1) referrers (broken links)

2) user agents (search engine bots)

This feature was developed in August of 2010, while it’s simple, it’s really useful for finding and correcting broken links.

Here’s the link to the redirection plugin we mentioned:

Easily Track 404 Errors in WordPress