SEO Ultimate+ [Advanced SEO] Video Training Series

How to Use the Deeplink Juggernaut Instant Post Propulsion Feature
In This Video You’ll Learn How to Use SEO Ultimate’s Instant Post Propulsion Inside SEO Ultimate’s Deeplink Juggernaut Module for Automating Internal-Linking Inside WordPress.

Instant Post Propulsion was an automated internal linking tactic (that typically involves hours and hours of painstaking editing links on a page-by-page basis) that we’ve reduced into mere minutes with SEO Ultimate’s Deeplink Juggernaut.

Just imagine all the time you’ll save… and did we mention, you’ll even have the ability to dial-in link dampening and limiter controls to cap each link to avoid over optimization.

So, if you’re using WordPress, you can instantly unleash your On Page SEO potential and in this video, we’ll show you how.

Features You Could Be Using Right Now:

  • Use the power of anchor text to boost your internal ranking SEO paradigm.
  • Searches your site’s content for anchor texts you specify and automatically links them to a destination of your choosing. Lets you easily build internal links to URLs, posts, pages, attachments, custom post type items, categories, terms, post format archives, and custom taxonomy term archives.
  • Easily select autolink destinations using autocomplete textboxes that scour your site’s content and taxonomy terms to find the link destination you’re looking for.
  • Autolinks point to the objects themselves, not to their URLs, so if you change the URL of a post or category on your site, the autolinks automatically adjust.
  • Control the maximum number of autolinks added to each post/page as well as the number of times an anchor is linked per page.
  • Apply the nofollow attribute on a per-link basis. (Perfect for automatic affiliate links.)
  • Exclude specific posts/pages from having links added to them, if desired (e.g. contact pages, the homepage, etc.).
  • Import/export your links as CSV files.
  • Create links pointing to draft posts that will auto-enable when the post is published!
  • Build internal links to your posts from within the WordPress post editor! Use “Instant Post Propulsion” technology to automatically link your old posts to new ones.

Easily Add Internal Links to WordPress.