SEO Ultimate+ [Advanced SEO] Video Training Series

Increase Indexation While Preventing Google Panda Penalties in Search Engines
In This Video You’ll Learn How to Effectively Minimize Duplicate Content and Protect Your Site from Google Panda.

In today’s video training session, we’ll cover the topic of indexation and crawl prioritization. What this means is making sure the right pages get indexed and thin pages (pages that lack enough content or uniqueness) are omitted from search engines.

This is important because thin pages can flag potential search engine penalties such as Google Panda and negatively impact your rankings. So, in order to prevent that, we’ll show you how to implement some Panda proofing using SEO Ultimate to control indexation.

You’ll learn:

  • how to set canonical versions of your page (in case posts are shared across multiple categories and have several versions of the same page).
  • how to properly use nofollow, noindex or follow, index.
  • how to use the robots meta tag editor to determine what gets indexed.

Easily Avoid Google Panda Penalties Using WordPress