SEO Ultimate+ [Advanced SEO] Video Training Series

How to Create New Rankings from Old Content

In This Video We’ll Show You Exactly How to Identify, Leverage and Harness Legacy Content (Old Pages and Posts) to Super-Charge New Keywords and Landing Pages.

Google ranks pages not websites and in that light, this simple, yet powerful tactic is often overlooked.  Essentially, you are harnessing the trust and authority of your old pages and posts and magnifying them through newly created theme-relevant landing pages.

This process is called virtual theming, but when combined with site structure revisions (like website silo architecture) it’s the equivalent of supercharging your new pages with pure ranking power.

This means the stronger your on-page SEO is, the less you’ll need from off page SEO to get ranked. And what better place to start building links than from your own website.

Easily Create New SEO Rankings from Old Content.