SEO Ultimate+ [Advanced SEO] Video Training Series

How to Use SEO Ultimate’s Link Mask Generator

In This Video We’ll Show You How to Use the Link Mask Generator to 1) Mask Affiliate Links (instead of using nofollow) and 2) When You Want to Mask Internal Links as Well.

If you ever wanted a solution for automating your affiliate linking in a way that Google actually complies with, then using the link mask generator inside SEO Ultimate can help.

Not only is this a code free alternative to using the no follow attribute on links, but, it also allows you to create and manage your link masks simply and easily; and in case you want to change the destination link, make one change and all the links update everywhere.

There’s also an added advantage for advanced SEO internal linking where any link on the page in the content area can also be masked (and directed to a folder that search engines can’t crawl) in case you want to redirect traffic on your terms within your site.

Easily Automate Affiliate Linking for WordPress.